Deciding when to stop the edit

‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things’ was first published in print in 1991. Since then a lot has changed in the author, Katherine Gordy Levine’s, life. Her two sons have grown up and flown the nest and the pleasant state of being retired has transformed daily life. Mind you, Katherine is still super-active. All that knowledge she gained after years of work as a professional counselor are now being put to use in her Emotional Fitness Training blog. But I digress, the purpose of this blog was to discuss our process of updating ‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things’.

The tactics described in the book – of how to communicate with your teenager, how to negotiate, how to intervene – they’re all still relevant, current and a gift to any parent. What we have been updating are a few things that are datable, like referring to the Cosby Show, videos instead of DVDs and Blu-ray, and fashion choices of teenagers. Whilst I, as the project manager of this e-publishing assignment, have been trying to confine Katherine’s attention to these areas, Katherine couldn’t help but add a few extras into the new edition, including an insightful look at how the media portrays parents, and how this doesn’t help the tough task of parenting.

We’ve almost finished getting the copy ready and look forward to e-publishing it soon.


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