What are the great challenges parents of teenagers today?

With Katherine Gordy Levine’s revised and updated version of ‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things’ being e-published soon by MetaPlume, I thought I’d find out more about Katherine’s opinions on parenting issues and questions. I asked her …

What do you think the greatest challenge is for parents of teenagers today?

She answered: The list is long and complicated, so here are my top ten.

1. Pushing happiness
2. Making punishment a dirty word 
3. Expecting too much of parents
4. A workaholic society
5. Media portray of parents as stupid or abusive
6. Media consumerism
7. The great divides starting with the soft love versus tough love divide; but also religious versus non-religious, abstinence versus free love, and rich versus poor.
8. Thinking you can have siblings without rivalry or talk so your kids will always listen
9. Segregating society into age groups. Kids do best when not in packs of other kids: but groups with babies, toddlers, kids, teens, young adults, middle aged and old folks.
10. Failure to consistently promote kindness as a binding value for all. The Golden Rule should rule.

The good news, more kids and parents manage to follow the path to kindness, and see happiness as a by-product of leading a caring life. There are more kids doing good than bad.

If Katherine’s words of wisdom ring true to you, follow this blog for updates on her publication schedule.


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