‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things’ out now on Amazon Kindle

What many parents need, asserts Katherine Gordy Levine, is a reminder that their sullen, rebellious or moody teenager is still a good kid and that there is no one solution or style of parenting that works with all teenagers. Instead, she argues, parents need a fresh approach to communicating and negotiating with their teenagers, as they work with them, on their side, to navigate their way out of bad behaviour.

Katherine Gordy Levine has worked in the fields of counseling and social services for over 30 years, and aside from raising her two sons, she and husband David also parented almost 400 teenagers as professional foster parents. This experience exposed them to dealing with the full gamut of bad teenage behaviour, from the less serious moody talk-back, pushing of buttons, and fashion dramas; to crime, substance abuse, running away and irresponsible sexual behaviour. Through dealing with these experiences, Katherine devised the Caring Response and the Caring Intervention. Rather than a one-solution-fits-all approach, these tools open the door to effective and loving communication, tailored to your own family and situation.

‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things’ starts each chapter with a stereotypical scenario of a parent vs teenager discussion and goes on to provide witty and poignant examples of bad behaviour intermixed with discussing how to approach each issue. With her unique blend of wit and wisdom, ‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things’ is a great read and an essential resource to dip into as concerns arise, offering advice on warning signs and when to intervene.

Topics covered in the book include:
• Katherine Levine’s Caring Response and Caring Intervention
• ‘Good’ kids vs ‘Bad’ kids
• The ‘gotcha wars’
• Nose rings, tattoos and other fashion concerns
• Friends that make parents lose sleep
• Sexual responsibility
• Lying
• Criminal behaviour
• Running away
• Substance abuse
• Depression
• How and when to get professional help
• Caring for the parent

‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things’ is now available on Amazon.com for US$11.99. It is highly recommended reading for all parents of teenagers and parents with children approaching the teenage years.


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