Another five star review

Another Amazon Kindle customer written very highly of ‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things‘.

Great book. Katherine is my new guru of parenting
 As I read this book I took my iPad over to my husband several times and we’d both laugh or groan and say “Oh that is so spot on”. This author really knows her subject matter and she openly shares her amazing experiences in this book. It is so easy to feel hurt or get angry when your kid is being difficult. I have really learnt how to handle parenting situations much better from this book. Thankfully I am not having to deal with some of the more serious issues that the book talks about, but I am better off for having read the whole thing. When your kids are young you just keep them away from things that might be dangerous (play equipment that is too big for example). But when your kid becomes a teenager you can’t always re-direct them so easily. Instead you have to watch out for warning signs that something might be going wrong (like drugs, or depression, or a friend that’s not good for them). This book really teaches you how to see the warning signs and what to do.


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