Read This Today!

Hey, I didn’t say it, a reviewer on Amazon did! Almost 2000 people have taken advantage of the free offer (ending hours from now) of ‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things‘ on Amazon and we’re already seeing reviews come in.

Read this Today!
If you are a parent of a teen (especially one who has broken some rules) you will wish to read this book. Simple, clear and effectively written, it offers practical advice and stories that parents can relate to. Katherine is a foster mom and counselor who offers no-nonsense advice that is accessible, friendly and not preachy. Wondering when to worry, when to act and how to keep on caring in the face of misbehavior? Katherine has actionable solutions for you. Her six step Caring Response is best posted on your fridge. If you are parenting teens for the first-time, this is sage advice that can help you take action rather than be paralyzed by fear. In this complicated era, advice from an experienced mom (and dad) is appreciated. Thank you, Katherine and Dave. [Source]

Finally a practical book
This books is actually practical and useful not just theoretical. I have worked with teens in schools for 15 years and finally have tools to use directly with parents who are struggling. Highly recommended. [Source]


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