A book to hold on to as a resource

Mother of three beautiful kids—just look at the lovely photo on her home page—Practicing Parenting took advantage of last week’s free download offer on Amazon to grab a copy of ‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things’. Stephanie’s kids are not teenagers yet, but she decided that the book is one she’ll hold on to for a future resource. Some parts also resonated with her now:

“Although I’m a long way off (okay, only about 7 years) from the teenage years, I’m going to keep this book handy for when I get there. The author writes in detail about a phenomenon she coins “The Gotcha Wars.” I feel like with my almost-five-year-old, I’m already suffering through these wars. My son is a master at arguing his point and invalidating yours. He really enjoys getting the “one up” on Mom and Dad. Thinking about it makes the teenage years seem daunting- after all, he’s giving me a preview of what I’ve got to look forward to.”

Thanks Stephanie.

MetaPlume (Katherine’s Publisher)


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