The parenting tool kit

My inbox has been quite busy lately with fresh ideas. Whilst eBooks have allowed many authors the chance to get their work out there, one author is thinking outside even that box. eBooks are digital files and as such they can include images that readers can actually print out.

Katherine and I have been discussing her upcoming projects. Having written and conducted courses on parenting on various specific topics, Katherine has an impressive backlog of materials that can be adapted and added to for the popular bite-size non-fiction eBook market.

But why don’t we offer Tool Kits, she asked me—rather than just eBooks?

Like many practical, how-to sort of topics, eBooks on parenting provide advice, lists, step by step guides. When you’re learning new tools or techniques, often a single read doesn’t sink in. If you’re following a program, a reminder list is helpful. If you’re doing an exercise, a template or guide is needed. This is where Katherine’s idea has sprung from.

When she used to run parenting workshops, she would provide participants with blank templates, motivational posters and posters that reminded them of the main steps or tips of a program. Why not include them as printable items in my eBooks, she asked me, and thereby offer not just eBooks, but Tool Kits?


Expect the first one to be available next month.


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  1. parentsfriend

    I’m smiling again. Thank you.

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