Another five star review on Amazon

Ray Erickson, author of ‘Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen: Strategies That Work!‘ has positively reviewed ‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things. A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers‘, recommending it wholeheartedly to parents:

As a clinical social worker and author, I can really appreciate Ms. Levine’s perspective on parenting. While I was supervising teens in residential treatment she was inviting foster children into her home. Talk about paying your dues. Her extensive experience is the voice in her wonderful new eBook, When Good Kids Do Bad Things: A Survivor Guide for Parents.

Reading this book, you get the clear understanding that she has been there and done that. Parents of good kids who are doing bad things can gain refuge in Katherine’s no nonsense and direct approach to problem solving. This book takes on serious subject matter, but treats it humanely and humorously. If you are one of the millions of parents who are caught up in the stormy seas of their children’s poor choices then When Good Kids Do Bad Things is for you. Don’t delay! Buy it TODAY!


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