Grab this free eBook and get control of the Gotcha Wars

Does your teen have you screaming and pulling your hair over stupid stuff? Does she make you feel you are wrong, when she is the one whose room is in violation of all health codes?

Or is he following you around the kitchen and saying for the thirty-third time, “There’s nothing to eat.”

Then there are the fights over the serious stuff; stuff like coming home smelling like a brewery and making you think you are the reason the kid drinks.

No one can push your buttons like a teen out to win what Katherine Gordy Levine calls the Gotcha Wars. Most of the parent experts will preach sympathy for the teen. Not Katherine. She’s on the side of the parents and finally knows how parents can step out of the battle and turn them into a win/win for all.


This free eBook can be downloaded from Smashwords, Goodreads and from her publisher’s website, MetaPlume.

Katherine is not only a licensed therapist, former professor, and director of mental health crisis teams, she and her husband have cared for over three hundred foster children, mostly teens and each in trouble with the law. Her suggestions are both clinically sound, but also based on practical experience. She knows what works and what does not work. Moreover, she is on the side of all parents.

A prolific writer, Katherine’s ‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things‘ series offers digestible survival guides for parents on various topics including:
vol. 1: When Good Kids Get You In A Gotcha War
vol. 2: When Good Kids Struggle in School
vol. 3: When Good Kids Hang Out With The Wrong Crowd
vol. 4: When Good Kids Dress Makes You Stress
vol. 5: When Good Kids Lie
vol. 6: When Good Kids Take Risks
vol. 7: When Good Kids Have Sex
vol. 8: When Good Kids Run Away
vol. 9: When Good Kids Break The Law
vol. 10: When Good Kids Do Drugs and/or Alcohol
vol. 11: When Good Kids Get Depressed


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