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“If your kid has run away, even for an hour or two, you need to read this eBook carefully. Chronic, long-term running away – the kind that ends in prostitution or other dangerous ventures – usually begins with short-term sprints. Learn how to deal with this behavior so that you can help your child break a potentially destructive habit.

At the same time, you must look closely at your kid’s behavior before overreacting. Running away, in some cases, is just a declaration of independence. Moreover, a child who breaks a rule – for example, curfew – might be afraid to come home for a few days. Upsetting as these two types of flight can be to parents, they can often lead to growth and greater strength of character if you handle them properly.”

When Good Kids Run Away‘ by Katherine Gordy Levine is available for free until midnight this Sunday 19th May.

This book is based on a chapter from the book ‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things – A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers‘. This 265 page invaluable handbook on parenting teenagers deals with a vast array of common concerns and issues. 11 of the 17 chapters of this book have been revised and released as short eBooks. This is volume 8. The complete series includes:

vol. 1: When Good Kids Get You In A Gotcha War
vol. 2: When Good Kids Struggle in School
vol. 3: When Good Kids Hang Out With The Wrong Crowd
vol. 4: When Good Kids Dress Makes You Stress
vol. 5: When Good Kids Lie
vol. 6: When Good Kids Take Risks
vol. 7: When Good Kids Have Sex
vol. 8: When Good Kids Run Away
vol. 9: When Good Kids Break The Law
vol. 10: When Good Kids Do Drugs and/or Alcohol
vol. 11: When Good Kids Get Depressed


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