Goal setting with a difference

When I looked over the other offerings for eBooks about goal setting that are available on Amazon I really realised how different this eBook from Katherine Gordy Levine is. Like  a lot of her Emotional Fitness Training® advice, this eBook looks at the big picture. She has said in fact that out of all the Emotional Fitness Training eBooks so far, this may be the most important one. This one deals with defining your life mission and then goes on to explain Katherine’s own unique spin on the SMART goal setting technique. All goals must heed to the mission you set first. Living your life with a personal mission statement  impacts your decision making, your goal setting. It’s important stuff, so get reading …


Know Your Mission So You Can Read Your Goals – available now on Amazon.com.



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2 responses to “Goal setting with a difference

  1. parentsfriend

    Did you catch the error. We did and tried to get all that we posted back. Good thing this week’s blog topics were about perfection as a false goal. Watch for the corrected cover come Monday. Life goes on and is bood.

  2. parentsfriend

    good, not bood or did my brain think that should be bad. Sighing yet again.

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