‘When Good Kids Have Sex’ – five star review

Here is the first, five star, review of ‘When Good Kids Have Sex‘:

When Good Kids Have Sex, by Katherine Gordy Levine, offers parents wise counsel about responsible sex, protection, and same-sex love. Being a parent to almost 400 foster kids, Levine knows what to say and how to say it. That alone makes Professor Levine a giant on this topic.

I’m impressed how easily Levine respects parents’ values and shares her own. The Levine Rule is something like, “You can give kids your advice but they’re in charge of their behavior.” In other words, your influence counts but their behavior counts more.

The stories of how she handled each teen’s problems are simple, honest, and enlightening.

If you read this book, you’ll get the information you need to discuss sex with your kids. Copy the advice she gives boys, as well as girls, and you’ll be wise in your approach too.

When Good Kids Have Sex should be read by parents who want to talk to their teens about sex but don’t know how.

Jean Tracy, MSS



One response to “‘When Good Kids Have Sex’ – five star review

  1. “Katherine Gordy Levine | Parenting Tactics with Wit and Wisdom” was indeed a very good post.
    If it had a lot more pix this would definitely be
    quite possibly better. Thank u -Galen

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