Praise for Katherine Gordy Levine …

“I find such wisdom, practical advice, and solid research from Katherine. One of her gifts is how she writes. It’s as if she’s having a kind caring conversation with you.”
Jean Tracy – Author/Speaker, www.kidsdiscuss.com

“You’re an amazing person and one of those people I wish I had had the opportunity to meet in my lifetime. Between the two of us we’ve got nearly 140 years under our belts. Lots of time to make mistakes and learn from them, and get the hang of some of this stuff. Now if we can just pass on all we know before we run out of time, we might just leave the world a better place than we found it.”
Ray Mathis – Motivational/Education Speaker, www.itsjustanevent.com

“As a clinical social worker and author, I can really appreciate Ms. Levine’s perspective on parenting. While I was supervising teens in residential treatment she was inviting foster children into her home. Talk about paying your dues. Her extensive experience is the voice in her wonderful new eBook, When Good Kids Do Bad Things: A Survivor Guide for Parents.”
Ray Erickson – Author, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, www.rayerickson.com

“She is the new Spock.”
Amazon customer

“As a psychotherapist I am always looking for accessible, accurate and helpful material on emotional regulation to share with my clients. “Tame the Test Anxiety Monster” meets these criteria and goes one better – it employs a gentle humor that can reduce the reader’s anxiety immediately. I know it did mine.”
Geraldine Wallman – ACSW, DSW

“I am a former student of yours from Columbia and you were one of my favorite professors! I learned so much from you about child resiliency, anger management, and of course finding humor in my very own personal ADD mishaps. I have a smile on my face as I remember your funny stories and the laughter from class like it was yesterday! The truth is that I graduated from CUSSW in 1997 so yes you definitely made an impact as an amazing Professor and Mentor and I thank you for that!”
Lori Linn Pele – Psychotherapist (Private Practice)

Finding more endorsements is easy – just read the many 5-star reviews on Amazon.


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