Parenting books

Parent advice from a mutant – a therapist and the world’s most experienced parent; she cared for 366 teens needing short-term foster care. (Click on the covers for more information)


The ultimate survival guide for parents of teenagers.

All of the ‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things’ series (listed below) plus:

Good Kid vs Bad Kid
The Caring Response
The Caring Intervention
Getting Professional Help
Caring For Yourself
Resources and Reading List

265 pages of wisdom, humor, and adaptable techniques that will affect real change in the behavior of your teenager.

Shorter survival guide reads …

WGKGYIAGW_cover_listing1Sample Katherine’s advice with this free ebook, available from Smashwords and Goodreads. The rest of the series is priced at $0.99 each and includes (click on the covers for more information):

WGKSIS_cover_1400  Hang Out With The Wrong Crowd  Dress Makes You Stress  WGKL_1400  WGKTR_1400  

WGKHS_cover_1400  WGKRA_cover_1400  WGKBreak The Law_cover_1400  WGKDDA_cover_1400  WGKGD_cover_1400

More parenting advice …

FamilyMeeting_cover_new_1400  TamingCover1


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